Free Daily Reads 2022: Article 150

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Article Title: Unemployment is rampant in Indian TV serials, but not in the way you think


Article Summary

The article at issue is a humorous take on the material that Indian TV is full of, and also a criticism of the gross impracticality of the worlds created by the soap operas. It starts by relating how the sensational happenings of present day Indian politics appear tame before the high drama presented by the soaps. Melodrama is not confined to the soaps, though – IPL reportage and ceremony shares the cake with them. However, when it comes to misbehavior or the violation of decorum, soaps trump all, according to the author. Characters are colored in different hues to represent different emotions in soaps, in one ridiculous move – however, to varying extents, melodrama is present in the coverage of Indian politics, the IPL, all. In the complete detachment with reality, too, soaps come first. Characters are unnecessarily overdressed, and they do not seek out employment or discuss world news. Their time is consumed by concerns like relationships, only. In contrast, some other shows or real life fables are far more relatable and inspirational, and the author ends by providing a few examples of those.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Prodigious: very striking or different from the normal.

Bludgeon: hit hard with a heavy, blunt object.

Unseemly: out of decorum, indecent.

Stupendous: mammoth, huge.

Retribution: revenge or punishment for a previous misstep.

Ostensible: evident or too obvious; but may or may not be true.


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