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Article Title: The wrong person could give the right lesson


Article Summary

The article at issue establishes and reinforces the claim that the most significant lessons are often learned from the most unusual sources. It begins with William Shakespeare’s words that contained this message, and, moves on to poet Pindar who said the same. Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, showed how this nugget of wisdom applies to real life – that in essence, people like criminals, thieves and fools can teach the wisest person lessons. These lessons, even when they are in the form of warnings to stay away from the fools’ behavior, are essential and enlightening to the common man, and has been backed by teachings and sayings of Hindu mythological war heroes as well. Leaping from fiction to the world of fact, the author says that the science of psychology also proclaims that it is the darkest times and the hardest lessons that have the greatest joys ahead of them. The author goes on to show how this was proven in real life, providing glimpses of the sufferings and moral discrepancies of celebrated writers like O. Henry and Lord Byron. Lord Byron’s example also establishes that humankind does not need to always be infallible to produce great, enduring work. The overarching message of the article is this – if you keep your eyes open, the best lessons are to be expected from unusual avenues. And if the times seem hard or you cannot attain perfection, never despair.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Aphorism: an old, witty saying containing a life lesson.

Oxymoronic: the condition of two words or situations being juxtaposed, which are polar opposites in nature.

Scaffold: the apparatus used to hang those accused of crimes.

Decapitated: had the head cut off.

Ostensibly: too obviously, as if to show off that something is the case.

Knavery: high, despicable moral decay.

Gaol: jail, prison.

Raconteur: an excellent story-teller.

Debauched: very hedonistic, given to addictions or overly sexual behavior.


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