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Survival of the slackest: now that’s what I call an evolved theory


Article Summary

This sarcastic and witty article talks about research that talks about the survival of the laziest species and it is seen as good news by the author who himself believes in taking things easy. The article starts with the writer describing himself, he says that he often feels a general sense of idleness and languor that I often feel, but it gives him comfort. He says that not just him, there are plenty of others out there who are content with being lazy, laid-back. Recent research on snails can give such sloths joy. The research on the survival of the sluggish creatures says that the creatures that burned the most energy daily were more likely to die out than those that took it easy. The lower the metabolic rate, the more likely the species you belong to will survive. This is because things that were more sluggish or lazy, had lower energy or food requirements and thus could make do with little when times were bad.

Based on this research, the writer urges people to take it easy. He says that all the synonyms for lazy have negative connotations: We should reclaim these terms – if that didn’t require too much energy – and invest them with positive meaning: slacking isn’t simply doing nothing, it’s just being comfortable in knowing when you don’t want to do anything; there shouldn’t be a rush to expend your energy. He urges people that the world is always going to keep spinning, so you might as well take a load off!

P.S: This article can be a great help in remembering all words related to or synonyms of the word “lazy”!

Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this Article:

Slack: having or showing laziness or negligence.

Indolence: Laziness

Languor: tiredness or inactivity, especially when pleasurable


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