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Article Title: Child gambling is a form of self-harm – it’s too complex for a quick-fix clinic


Article Summary

The article at issue brings to light the horrible practice of underage gambling that is now flooding the e-devices of the UK and Wales, discusses some measures adopted by bodies to fight it, and then expresses disappointment at the projected efficacy of those measures. The NHS of the UK has adopted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a means to combat this virtual ailment in kids. CBT chooses to use very tangible and often pedestrian methods to control behavioral problems like addictions, whereas children’s mental ailments ideally require something much more complex and comprehensive as a remedy. In CBT, children are being told to only take up gambling as a recreation and not get dependent on it – however, these children are often not mature enough to isolate reality from pleasurable funnels to ruin, and the advice falls flat on them. Through gambling, a self-destructive habit, children are expressing anger at an entity that is often absent, and that can only be fixed through in-depth psychological help, and not the application of so-called common sense. The fault is society’s, which drove children to a pastime as toxic as gambling, and the culture of today is to blame, in which there is a robust industry up and running that profits off children gambling. It is also up to the society to find a remedy, and it is not holding up. In the wake of several challenges, the author feels it is commendable that the NHS is taking a step at all – but she also says it is failing in terms of the efficiency of its measures.

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Words to learn from this article:

Unscrupulously: without bothering for the maintenance of morals or ethics.

Vulnerable: susceptible to be attacked or threatened by danger, due to having weak or inadequate defenses.

Buffer: act as a medium that blunts the full shock or impact of something hurtful.

Psychic: psychological.

Palpable: tangible, something so intense it can almost be touched.

Conducive: something that facilitates the existence or rise of something.

Ameliorate: make a painful situation less severe.


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