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Article Title: A math equation that predicts the end of humanity


Article Summary

In the article at issue, the author offers his two cents on the “doomsday equation”, a mathematical equation that claims to be able to predict when the end of humanity on earth will come. The equation says that there is a probability humanity could end in 760 years. The brain behind this concept is J Richard Gott III, an astrophysicist. He claims that if we consider we are at an unknown point in the history of anything, including the human population on Earth, we might be able to predict how much longer the thing will survive, using the same method Copernicus used to obtain his astronomical predictions. Using his method, Gott says there is a probability humans may exist for only 760 more years. The theory has found both favor and opposition around the world. While the positive support induced many, including the author, to consider Gott’s theory, negative attention was received in the form of skepticism, people calling statistics deceiving, and asserting that we are but at a defined, and not random, point in time. The jury is out on the results of Gott’s hypothesis – there are both optimists(mostly technocrats) and pessimists about the future duration of humanity on planet Earth.

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Words to learn from this article:

Doomsday: the mythical day when the earth is supposed to end.

Bedevil: something that puts people through suffering.

Workaday: regular.

Soothsayer: someone who claims to be able to predict the future.

Parlor trick: un-elaborate tricks or games generally aimed at entertaining guests, and sometimes involving optical illusions.

Catastrophic: apocalyptic, something with damaging potential on an unprecedented scale.

Legion: a huge collection of people or things.


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