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Article Title: If reason exists without deliberation, it cannot be uniquely human


Article Summary

The article at issue explains why reason must not be considered as something exceptional which is confined to only the human race in the entire universe. It explains that reason has several definitions, and unlike intricate properties found in several animal groups(like echolocation or photosynthesis), science and philosophy has restricted reason to the human intelligence alone. Reason is described as either supernatural in origin or something very ‘natural’, and the second definition makes it obligatory to attribute some reason to animals outside of the human species. However, even in research that tries to prove the presence of reason in other life forms, bias is present towards human behavior, and reason is attributed only if a certain species shows human-like behavior. The other fault in the human academia about reason is that our understanding of the nature of reason may be wrong in the first place. Reason, instead of being the ability to make right decisions, may be the ability to never falter when making a decision, the ability to go down one path at breakneck speed. If this were the case, all parts of nature could be considered rational, as all parts work in smooth order without faltering. If people are hesitant to attribute such rationality to animals, they will be wise to remember machines like computers are a part of nature too, machines believed to be more rational than man, demonstrating that nature’s reason is indeed real and ubiquitous. The doing away with the human-exclusive understanding of nature makes more sense scientifically, ‘rationally’, now, as all research nearly unanimously points to the presence of reason and understanding in other creatures but humans in other planets but the Earth.

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Words to learn from this article:

Cognitive: related to understanding or perception.

Exclusivity: the principle of barring all but a privileged select few from being a part of something.

Supernaturalism: elements concerning what is regarded beyond the scope of humanity – for example things involving God or ghosts.

Inferential: related to inference, or the ability to draw further conclusions from facts already present.

Deliberation: reflection or consideration, especially concerning some activity.

Instantiation: example-providing, illustration.

Exoplanetary: outside the solar system we inhabit.

Vestige: semblance, a small part.


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