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Article Title: An avocado cafe is my worst nightmare. But this is Instagram’s world now – we just live in it

Article Summary

The article at issue talks about the alarming trend of the change of architecture and geography that social media sites are helping influence. The author starts by giving several instances of places that tourists, eager to get photographed in for social media posts, have descended on in hordes and changed the entire ecosystems of. The sites may have been left destroyed, barricaded from further access, or bombarded with more attention than their resources could have sustained. The people who did these are mostly ‘influencers’ on social-media photo-sharing site Instagram. While not all ‘influencers’ prove a nuisance to the ecosystem of the place they are raiding, their obsession with the “ ‘Gram” remains a pervasive and dangerous phenomenon. The phenomenon is so pervasive and ‘influential’ that even an app has been developed that helps users locate spots which may be ideal to click a picture in. While the author admits that she, too, sometimes is breathless to find the ideal photography spot, she advocates that a limit must be drawn for the extent to which social media is taking over our lifestyles, tastes and geographies – when it is giving rise to things as ridiculous as avocado cafes, it needs to go.

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Words to learn from this article:

Enclaves: a small confined geography owned or frequented by a population different from the larger groups around the area.

Extremism: a thought process that supports violent, radical behavior to champion a cause.

Congregate: assemble large hordes of people.

Perilous: dangerous.

Conspicuous: noticeable, evident, significant.


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