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Article Title: Britain is still ruled by a privately educated elite. Let’s end this culture of deference

Article Summary

The article at issue talks about the disturbing monopoly of a single class of aristocracy at the highest echelons of Britain’s social and professional sectors, and vehemently argues that this trend must vanish in the current age of inclusion and diversity. Studies repeatedly show that the best jobs in both the public and the private sectors belong to wealthy men educated in public schools and top colleges, who are a very small minority to be ruling such big divisions of the life of the entire UK. These people have often done very less to deserve the privileges they were born into, and they have had to work less hard than their poorer peers to achieve the same goals. Still, the British public look upon them with adoration, with veneration, and feel a sense of inferiority for their own selves. This self-deluding mentality must go, proclaims the author. And not only because the privileges are unearned. The other reason this trend must go is because it checks and blocks the ascension of minorities, including wealthy women, to top positions, and permeates a culture of toxic and elitist exclusivity in institutions. Britain is in the grips of a classist system of social life that single-mindedly relies on brand and not talent for promotion. That is pernicious, argues the author, and the class gap needs to be fought as valiantly as the gender gap, she believes – however, she fears it will take a disheartening amount of time for its utter annihilation.

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Words to learn from this article:

Lamented: regretted or resented heavily.

Deference: respect born out of the thinking that someone else is better than you are.

Pertinent: continuously relevant.

Meritocracy: a culture that favors the intelligent more than others.

Dissenting: disagreeing, opposing.

Parochial: a restricted and non-accepting view towards one that disagrees with you, and typically true of people inhabiting small towns and villages instead of cosmopolitan localities.

Nepotism: the use of family privilege to get positions or influence.

Blinkered: hindered by a lack of familiarity with people different from you.


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