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Article Title: Medicalising everyday life doesn’t help anyone’s mental health


Article Summary

The article at issue offers perspective on the issue of growing mental health awareness around the globe, and actually opines that too much of it is a bad idea. The author believes that an unhealthy glorification of mental health and the ubiquitous nature of its problems are unhealthy side effects of blind worship of the American way of life in the UK. In ‘saner’ times even in the latter’s recent past, people with too much indulgence in what they were feeling were treated as vain and slightly juvenile, and not as heroes of society who represented something everyone was secretly going through. Now, placing everything in the ambit of mental health is slowly pushing mankind into an abyss of defeatism, breaking productivity and futilely occupying healthcare time and money when there can be no solution for a problem that does not exist. Life has ups and downs, and with them come the episodes of feeling up and down – branding the slight ill feeling of tough times as problems inherent in one’s brain makes mankind afraid for no reason. And it appears that even trained psychology staff is to be found on the side of the author, including psychiatrists who believe that less people flooding the gates of hospitals to seek mental aid the better. In that way, conditions that genuinely need care can be attended to. Meanwhile, people should just learn to deal with life.

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Words to learn from this article:

Bemusedly:  in a puzzled manner.

Neurosis: a mild mental illness, not as severe as schizophrenia or psychosis.

Narcissistic: obsessed with one’s own needs and desires to the exclusion of a thought for the welfare of others.

Ramifications: complications connected with an event.

Fosters: helps develop, supports.

Paradigm: a role model or ideal template for something.

Pollyanna-ish: overly, impractically optimistic.

Jettisoned: thrown overboard, here, rejected summarily.


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