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Article Title: The Peaky Blinders cult is another sign of our discontented times


Article Summary

In the article at issue, the author comments on the popularity of the British TV show Peaky Blinders, mulling the reasons behind its fame, and what the implications of the love it has received could be. The article begins by recounting that no one outside of the English region of Birmingham subscribed to its sense of self importance, until it was brought to the limelight by this show. Then, a whole host of very influential celebrities across the globe, including Stephen King and David Bowie, jumped onto its fandom bandwagon, and the show rose and rose in popularity, although the circumstances surrounding its rise remained far from non-controversial, with Harvey Weinstein being in the fray. The author believes that this love and support echoes British sentiment of the day, which is that of lower socio-economic classes rebelling against elite rule and appropriation, one that is heavily advertised in this show. Popular discontent is a theme that has, in the case of Peaky, been able to break the barriers of digital screens and strike a chord with wider audiences. As an ending note and criticism, the author remarks that the violence in the show is stomach-churning and eerily resembling modern crimes in Britain, and the implications of that for society is negative. However, till date, the show has enjoyed a stellar run notwithstanding.

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Words to learn from this article:

Laconically: expressing in very less words.

Tastemaker: someone responsible for curating contemporary pop culture.

Transatlantic: across the Atlantic ocean, or on two different sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Equestrian: relating to horses.

Herringbone: a pattern (that can be printed on cloth, paper or other material) which comprises of adjacent columns with the lines making them sloping in opposite directions.

Ravaged: violated or very impaired by.


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