Article Title: ‘Boost knowledge, not memory’


Article Summary

In this article, the author suggests measures of instigating knowledge-gain in children which can lead to their holistic development. He believes in exposing young children to the experiences of life instead of shielding them so they can contextualize what they are learning in school for the essential difference between reading & living a concept being studying vs learning.

Books are the portal into the world and serve as a perfect way to vicariously explore the wonders of life and, therefore, develops imaginations of readers. We must, therefore, encourage children to read more and read at libraries where borrowing and sharing are propagated, rather than outright purchase of books. Cultural education gives kids a sense of belonging, an understanding of familial history and an appreciation of what, where and whom they come from and at a broader level exposure to national history makes children aware of their identities.

Further, the author shares that Children seldom learn through instruction, rather they imbibe what they see and observe at home, and make it their own. Therefore we must correct our own behaviour, set the right examples at home and elsewhere so that we can become good role models for them. Finally, Travel, says the author is one of life’s greatest teachers and a seemingly inconsequential sojourn has the potential to inspire, ignite a passion, or present unending motivation. He asserts that embracing his a slightly experiential outlook towards education will not only make children infinitely more aware and smarter but will evolve them into much more interesting individuals.

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Words to learn from this article:

Abound: exist in large numbers or amounts.
Assimilate: take in and understand fully
Imbibe: absorb

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