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Article Title: The hypersane are among us, if only we are prepared to look


Article Summary

The article at issue elucidates to the reader what the meaning of ‘hyper-sanity’ is, and what its probable benefits could be. Drawing on the teachings and lives of RD Laing and Carl Jung, the author tries to establish that it is a state of heightened sanity that may be reached through a dissolution of conventional sanity beforehand. The concept of hyper-sanity was introduced by Laing, and still remains somewhat obscure, but its roots can be traced right back to Dionysus of Greek mythology. This character, although famous for a life of hedonism, was someone who was branded insane due to non-compliance with the laws of established society. In spite of that, the author finds the claims of this figure somewhat justified, and his cognizance at higher levels of functioning than the common man. Carl Jung also passed through a time of mental non-conformance in his life, but none of those people can be termed ‘insane’ by any definition – both lived productive and enriching lives free from the shackles of any debilitation disease generally entails. They were ‘hyper-sane’ instead, functioning at high percipience, and the normal man could go that route too, if he wasn’t so afraid of coming undone in the process. However, he is missing out on life in that way, and should take the plunge, feels the author.

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Words to learn from the article:

Reckoning: a deep realization or revelation.

Psychotic: involved in psychosis, a serious mental illness that makes one hallucinate.

Uninhibited: without restrictions or reservations.

Brandishing: wielding.

Insinuating: hinting at something, suggesting tacitly.

Surmounted by something: having something on top.


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