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Article Title: Let us now stop praising famous men (and women)


Article Summary

The article at hand sees the author advocating the abolition of the fetishism the rich and famous find themselves in the thick of, today. The author writes that the system of meritocracy that runs our society is based on an innately inflated value for the rich. The system operates on praise and blame, and praise can be earned only when one is acting according to a script written out by the rich for their benefit. The only path to rising in life is through praising and earning the favour of the rich, and thus more people are inclined to praise them, and they become the ultimate benefactors in this praise-and-blame system through little effort of their own. This system is illogical and criticised by people when it appears through other unearned-privilege conduits in society like racism, yet the public fails to spot the meritocracy’s similar rhetoric because meritocracy rules society and it incudes everyone inside it in its beguiling discourse. This has the dual consequences of promoting bad behaviour in the famous according to psychology studies, and of demeaning the powerless even if they are worthy. If we want a society truly democratic and egalitarian, we must create a system where being in the good books of the rich will have no special value, opines the author.

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Words to learn from this article:

Magnate: an affluent and powerful businessperson.

Notoriety: ill fame, a bad reputation.

Echelon: rank or class.

Philanthropist: someone who indulges in charitable acts out of kindness.

Bon mot: quip, or pithy remark.

Meritocracy: a system ruled by the most intelligent or capable people in it.

Ineptitude: a lack of skill.

Demotion: the opposite of promotion, a downward slide in ranks.


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