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Article Title: What Do Teachers Know About Misophonia?


Article Summary

The article at hand makes effort to gauge teacher responses (and means to better the same) to misophonia, a disorder that makes one have a very significant agitated response to trigger sounds. While the disease remains largely out of the know of the public, a small study conducted on college teachers in six Florida universities provides a working extrapolative framework in this article. It was found that a large number of teachers did not know what this disease was, and an abysmally low number had had first-hand experience with students suffering from it. There was a significant proportion, which had never encountered or known of this disease in the past, that was inclined to believe that this was an imaginary condition that existed only in the “patient’s head”. A strong, and probably causal, link was found between the two groups’ knowledge, and their accommodative behaviour towards the disorder. While teachers who knew or had dealt with misophonia or students suffering from it in the past were more willing to make arrangements to treat those kids specially, the other group was less disposed. This provides valuable information – spreading information about this condition is key to kickstarting effective sensitisation and aiding.

Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this article:

Responsiveness: the quality of being attentive to, and proactive in helping, in case of an urgent situation or a difficulty.

Disclosure: revelation.

Accommodation: (here) special lifestyle arrangements for somebody with needs that are out of the ordinary.

Proctored: invigilated.

Predictive: something that helps in making predictions or forecasts, or something that is related to the process of making predictions.

Advocacy: the act of being a proponent of something.


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