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Article Title: Going green is all about what you gain, not what you give up


Article Summary

In the article at issue, the author makes the point that engaging in environmentally friendly action should be about what we gain from the process, and not what we have had to sacrifice. She writes that an increasing number of columns from around the world project climate friendly activities as something one has to do only by laying aside her/his personal comfort, and that of course motivates more people to stay away from climate protection instead of drawing them to it. However, a large body of research, including the author’s own, has now found that acting in the planet’s interests actually helps to boost happiness, with the most effective activities being those which require one’s time or efforts to commit to. While the reasons behind this is unclear, the author thinks this happens because we feel ourselves impactful, positive and in accordance with social norms when acting on the side of the planet. If more reports highlighted this side of the emotional impact of climate protection activities, instead of the manufactured negative parts, then we would better succeed in acting in the interest of the planet, future generations and ourselves too, feels the author.

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Words to learn from this article:

Stark: intense and uncomfortable.

Sustainable: something that can be made to exist or work for a long time without harm accruing to any party involved.

Carpooling: the use of one car on one route to transport several people headed the same way.

Voluntary: out of one’s free will.

Frugally: in a very economic manner.

Materialism: concerned with worldly things that can be bought with money.

Autonomy: independence, right to self-rule.


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