Free Daily Reads 2022: Article 218

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Article Title: From pursuit for more, to pursuit for less


Article Summary

The article at hand exhorts the value of choosing less over more in life, providing reasons for doing so. The author establishes that the pursuit of more is a never-ending quest, which is why it should be abolished. Another reason is that it drains one’s body and mind, without providing any real fulfilment. On the other hand, when one chooses less, they generally find themselves on the path to choosing absolutely nothing, and there exists no scope for seeking more, as nothing exists after one has chosen nothing. It provides fulfilment in its own way, therefore – and has a calming instead of draining effect on the body and mind along the way. The author recounts personal experiences in a bid to encourage the reader to follow his path, too. He confesses that he was addicted to alcohol consumption, and managed to give it up through chasing less over more fulfilment. He assures the reader that choosing the ‘subtle’ over the ‘gross’ is a time-taking process, but it is an infinitely more sensible path to choose over the other one, that encourages individuals to keep on chasing more no matter how much they have already acquired.


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Words to learn from this article:

Myriad: a huge variety.

Apprehension: fear of future events, fearful anticipation.

Encounters: (here) faces, comes across.

Annihilate: entirely destroy.

Intangibility: the inability of something to be touched, felt or realised as a solid commodity.



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