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Article Title: Finding calmness in the midst of activity


Article Summary


The article at hand exhorts breathing techniques as a way to find calmness in times of mental turmoil. The author recounts personal experiences as a way to lead up to offering advice about how to practice effective breathing well. She says that she herself was hard-pressed for mental peace when she was setting up an Ananda community in California, USA, and that mindful breathing helped her recover from the constant worrying she seemed to have become trapped in. Another person she knew had actually helped himself out of a gun-involving encounter through practising efficient breathing. In light of these incidents, the author asserts that the readers shall find themselves benefitting from healthy breathing practices too. She gives instructions on how to breathe well, specifying the steps required. She urges readers to take up the practice of mindful breathing, as she believes it is one of the greatest contributions of India to the world, and also because it succeeds where other mental health tactics fail to calm one. The intensity with which one breathes may be modified, but what needs to be maintained is that breathing should be a normal, not tweaked process, comprising of three distinct steps, and focused on relaxing specific body parts during practice. The author is sure that following these rules shall yield results.


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Words to learn from this article:

Vying: competing fiercely.

Uncanny: strange, unusual.

Incense: fragrant substance often used in Indian worship.

Rookies: amateurs, trainees in some field.

Retention: (here) the act of keeping in your body the breath you have inhaled before exhaling it.



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