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Article Title: What we won, what remains | Analysis


Article Summary


The article at hand makes a strong case for equal rights having to be awarded to LGBTQIA+ people in India, pointing out the necessity for that, and the various levels of discrimination that these people still face daily in the country. The Supreme Court has recently repealed the discriminatory Section 377 of the Constitution, and the author provides first-hand account of what changes and what remains the same for the community in that legal step’s wake. While the legal side of things now support the community in principle, certain basic rights of these people, like becoming parents or holding joint bank accounts, remain out the question. The author emphasizes that widespread reaction to the repeal of 377 has been largely positive, meaning India was never opposed to homosexuality – but what is disappointing is that many social attitudes to it remain the same as it was before. People lack awareness about the issue, and the author believes the first step to sensitising them is educating them. What the LGBTQIA+ community asks for is not special, but ordinary rights – a wealth of privilege so fundamental yet ordinary that straight people do not even realise its existence.


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Words to learn from this article:

Euphoria: exultation, extreme joy.

Beacon: a bright motif of hope or positive change.

Optimism: having the belief that things will turn out for the better, instead of expecting the worst.

Homophobia: a hatred or fear of homosexual people.

Endemic: localised.



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