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Article Title: Leaving behind a digital footprint


Article Summary

The article at hand ruminates on the nature of the “legacy” we humans are leaving behind on the Internet. The author seems very concerned that a growing share of the Internet, where we choose to leave a digital map of our lives, is filled with hatred and targeted abuse. The Internet as a whole is a very unforgiving platform because nothing we ever put on it can be truly “deleted”. While it has given the common man the privilege of becoming celebrities in the sense that we can afford to have followers and curate one version of our life to uphold to them, the Internet also has bestowed us with the big responsibility of carefully mulling all that we choose to share. And reports from esteemed organisations have shown that we humans are not doing a very good job of responsibly sharing. The discourse online is loaded with hate and abusive content, particularly against vulnerable groups. The author urges the readers to take things in control and stop this cancerous trend, because in no discussion on any public forum, can hatred be the way to a meaningful and peaceful solution. If we are to actually put to use the opinion-sharing platform social media has given us, we have to ensure our opinions are tempered, constructive and respectful.


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Words to learn from this article:

Commodities: goods up for consumption in a market economy.

Exemplifies: provides an example of, epitomises.

Posterity: people of the future.

Discourse: rhetoric, popular opinion surrounding an issue.

Civil: (here) calm, humane and polite.



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