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Article Title: The way back to Krishna’s godhead


Article Summary

The article at hand is a step by step guide to attain closeness to Lord Krishna, and ultimate happiness and satisfaction in the process. The author writes that there are three steps through which a mortal can be united with the great Lord of the universe, Krishna. These steps are sambandhajnana, abhideya and prayojana. In sambandhajnana, we need to be able to see that however minute we are, we are built of the same essence as the enormous Lord Krishna, and that however different we think we are, we are made of the same fibre as him. Gratuitous efforts to be different in nature can only lead to suffering, and therefore, we need to acknowledge our ties to him quick and work on nurturing them to perfection. In abhideya, we perfect our bond to Krishna through the route of offering prayers, services or food to the Lord. Those offerings do not serve only the purpose of cementing this bond, but also offer our souls ultimate bliss and the path to salvation. If we successfully complete these steps, we attain prayojana-siddhi, the achievement of our human purpose, and we experience ourselves being flooded by bliss, the kind of bliss Krishna himself indulges in partaking of. We too stand a chance to dip in this divine feeling through accepting our parts in Krishna’s greater legacy and existence.


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Words to learn from this article:

Abode: residence, home.

Summum bonum: the epitome of moral perfection.

Desolates: makes empty, gloomy and irrelevant.

Godhead: (here) someone divine, God her/himself.

Omniscient: someone that knows about everything going on in a universe.



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