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Article Title: Declare independence from all worries


Article Summary

The article at hand is a piece meant to impart lessons, on the compelling subject of mental peace. Written around the time period of independence day in India, the author shows us how to find liberty from poor health ourselves by letting go of worry. Worry has a debilitating effect on the psyche and physique of man, and the article shows us foolproof ways to combat it. Studies have found that an overwhelming majority of people worry about things that are either never coming to pass, or have happened and cannot be altered, or do not have to do with those people directly. These futile worries lead to loss of time and productivity, and the author advises taking efficient action to combat hard anticipated realities and then leaving the rest to the Almighty. The way to develop more trust in the Almighty god is through meditation, and the ultimate way to lessen gloom and worry in our lives is only to have heightened trust in Her/Him. By realizing this fact, we can prevent a drain on our health, and reclaim independence for our persons in the truest sense of the term.


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Words to learn from the article:

Tinged: slightly but undeniably influenced by.

Deterioration: a reduction or worsening in the quality of something.

Avert: avoid, dodge.

Strangle: prevent someone from breathing, or at least give them great trouble breathing, by putting some material in a strong grip around their neck.



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