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Article Title: Our selfie-reliant nation


Article Summary

In the article at hand, the author tries to take a closer look at why Indians in numbers are so enamored with the practice of selfie-clicking. The author believes the phenomenon is not only of recent making, and that it has some roots in the distant past also. India has always welcomed with open arms new tech, especially ones that promised to cut down the divide between the privileged and the left out. That happened in the past with transistor radios, to provide one example, and Indian folk hungrily bought into technology that could relay daily news from first world countries while toiling in the dirtiest heartlands of native climes. That love has been transferred to selfies lately – and all of India has embraced the trend as something always worth greeting with a smile. There are two defined psychological reasons behind that, feels the author. The first is, we get to be the one who has the camera trained on her/him, as we were accustomed to seeing others in the movies do. Second, we like to hero-worship, and selfies give us the chance to be like our heroes in two ways, that they click selfies too, and that we are sharing their spotlights. Thus, a fascination saga is born.


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Words to learn from this article:

Transcended: surpassed boundaries.

Democratized: made something egalitarian.

Psyche: mental make-up, or mind.

Adepts: people skilled in or efficient at something.

Bemoaned: lamented, regretted publicly.



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