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Article Title: How I fell in love with fountain pens


Article Summary

The article at hand speaks of the author’s love for fountain pens, and how she gradually fell into it. The author says she first began using them when in school, in standard six, when she used to be scared that what secrets she wrote could never be erased, and would be available for teachers and other authority to see. She started off rough with the pens – she took a while to learn the best angle to hold them in, she sometimes couldn’t help staining herself, and she found her writing speed impaired when trying to master the whims of this new instrument. However, with time and proper guidance, she learned how to wield this weapon well. Then she went to college, where she was forced to choose the ball-point pen because of its cost efficiency, her decision also supported by other factors like the ease of use involved in dealing with a ball-point. She missed her fountain pens though, and when she became financially independent, she finally acquired the means to splurge on the goodies she liked – which included fountain pens. Over the years, her fountain pens grew into a collection she built with love, one she continues nurturing to this date. However, the author took away a lesson more valuable than material goods’ worth – mistakes made shouldn’t always have to be hidden, they can be rectified, as the switch to a pen from a pencil denotes.


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Words to learn from this article:

Deviations: actions that do not conform to the laid-out rules of something or someplace.

Disheartening: disappointing, something that makes you sad.

Forewarning: a warning delivered with some time left before the bad thing happens.

Complying: conforming to the rules of someplace or something.

Cumbersome: troublesome, burdensome.



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