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Article Title: Your blind spots


Article Summary

The article at hand is a self-help piece that encourages the reader to work with emotional areas they have difficulty navigating. The author terms these areas of discontent that we are not able to work with to our satisfaction, as emotional ‘blind spots’. These areas need working on because they are blocking our progress, feels the author. She curates a several step process that shall help the reader identify her/his psychological barrier areas, and then work on them. The inspection that one needs to do involve the departments of their lives that they feel limit them, what they feel about the limitations, and what they think are the underlying personal factors that contribute to these limitations. Once they have a list of problem areas ready, they are advised to take steps that perform a myriad functions to deal with these blind spots. Readers are encouraged to introspect on their own selves, modify deep-seated notions about the world they might have held, be more open to experiences and failure, and be their own allies no matter who is or is not with them. Following this step by step guide when it comes to mental checks on a person is the pathway to true responsibility and happiness, assures the author.


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Words to learn from this article:

Innate: inherent as opposed to acquired.

Perspective: viewpoint, or the way of processing a situation that is specific to one involved party.

Vested: placed in or entrusted to someone.

Sabotage: destroy.

Vortex: a huge, often rapidly shifting mass that is difficult to control.

Emanating: coming from, stemming from.

Gamut: collection or whole scope.


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