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Article Title: The inscrutable design that weaves a web of desires


Article Summary

The article at issue takes us through the concept of true desire and longing as elucidated in the Brihadarayanka Upanishads. The teachings come through a conversation between a sage Yajnavalkya and one of his wives, Maitreyi. The former bequeaths to the latter a significant portion of his wealth, and this makes the latter question if all those riches can give her true happiness. Yajnavalkya says no – lasting, true happiness cannot be achieved from external objects, but only through the internal states of a person. Obscure workings of the mind make us think external objects can give happiness, stemming from the true goal of the self to unite with that external object, however improbable that may be. However, such satisfaction is temporary. The one thing we should pursue when looking for real happiness is unification with our inner selves – and all other functions and relationships of the world are only secondary and ideally conducive to that goal. The spirit wishes to love and be united, and in the best possible form of the expression of this love, it seeks to unite with the inner self. After having imparted to Maitreyi his wisdom, the departure of the sage into the forest of the unknown marks the end of the article.


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Words to learn from this article:

Expounded: explained or talked about something at length.

Renunciate: somebody who has renounced or given up on a privilege.

Disillusionment: the state of having been stripped of unreal ideas about something, a realization that is often harsh.

Unsatiated: not satisfied.

Inscrutable: something not open to understanding or analysis.



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