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Article Title: Poverty – How does Third World solve it?


Article Summary

The article at hand comments on the definition of poverty, and sheds light on some ways extremely poor countries are fighting the issue. The author has first-hand experience of working in extremely poor landscapes, like the African continent, and tries to tell us about the poverty management tactics she observed there. Her observations are many in number: she found that the definition of poverty may itself be subjective, and that it needs tailoring based on which region it is going to be applied to. She also found that both economically weak and strong countries are at risk when applying methods to solve the crisis of fund shortage in the poorer countries. Fund shortage, or poverty, generally occurs when unutilized resources are present in large stocks in some area. These resources do not yield the dividends they should, because they are not being put to use in the first place, and they instead end up adding to the expenditure of the State. A solution can be found by putting these idle resources to use, through techniques like investing foreign seed capital to make it state of the art, and the dividends they yield may be enjoyed both by locals and the national economy. However, even innovative and well-meaning economic measures like these risk abetting malicious schemes. The poorer nations stand to be oppressed as no one will listen to what counts as poverty for them, their definition of it. The richer nations providing free credit can be duped, as funds flowing into poor regions may reach self-serving and evil channels through getting diverted. Thus, exercising a lot of caution is advised, on both sides.


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Words to learn from this article:

Vulnerable: liable to be under attack, unable to safeguard oneself from certain dangers.

Ecosystem: a system or large web that receives input from a variety of agents.

Aggregate: collect or assimilate together.

Converging: making a variety of factors or things collect together at one point.

Daunting: intimidating.

Agenda: the ulterior aims a person or organization hopes to serve.

Mobilizing: collecting together so as to have the most efficient possible use of a resource.



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