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Article Title: How to cure the shopping addiction that’s destroying our planet


Article Summary

This article sheds light on the world of fast fashion and how it is destroying the planet. Contributing  1m tonnes of waste a year, more carbon emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined, and microplastics ending up in the ocean – just by buying new clothes – the fashion industry can be listed alongside the oil industry as one of the five most polluting industries in the world. The author disagrees with taxing as a deterrent to over-indulgence believing it will take more than taxes to slow the march of fast fashion. People are discarding clothes faster than ever before and social media is to blame as the idea isn’t to buy an item of clothing for life but to get another hit of instant gratification. The author also blames High street brands as they deliberately invoke fear of missing out by hastily restocking their range. This thought process is unconscious, and it’s hard to break. The author believes that consumer attitudes need to shift. But the change needs to be led by brands that are constantly producing fast fashion and persuading shoppers to buy it. There needs to be more government pressure on fast fashion brands, and rigorous checks, to ensure they have no choice but to slow down their production. Only then will the term ‘fast-fashion’ be associated with pollution and consumption will gradually decrease.


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Words to learn from this Article:

Paisley: A soft wool fabric with a colourful swirled pattern of curved shapes

Gratification: The act or an instance of satisfying

Prioritise: Assign a priority to

Tabloid: Newspaper with half-size pages

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