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The Guardian view on extremism online: who will guard the watchdogs?


Article Summary

The article at hand is an opinion piece asserting the claim that social media giants of today need to be held to certain moral standards. In a world where a few US media companies control what’s “moral” for the world today, they need to be closely examined for what they do and how that can be regulated. It is agreed upon, without reservation, that they hold some accountability to the public, and are insulting that by selling private info to advertisers and merchants. They have earlier stated that to do business, they need to engage as many people for as much time they can, even peddling obnoxious content when need be – a model that holds no water in a morally responsible context. the practice fuels and lends support to extremism, and twisted preferences from the human mind. Therefore, certain measures need to be put in place to regulate them. These measures won’t mean total solution of evils – the measures will be influenced by powerful bodies, and some people will manage to evade them. However, they will still be the first step in the right path, and urgently need be taken.


Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this Article:

Wobbly: unstable and volatile.

Inexorably: without any room for changing the course of, unshakeable.

Centrifugal: center-fleeing, concentrated towards the sides.

Overstepped: indulged in more than what amount was permitted.

Obnoxious: repulsive or irritating.

Fetid: very foul smelling.

Crannies: small nooks, minute corners.

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