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Forbidden fruit: What happens when foreign stops being foreign


Article Summary

The writer here says how the charm of foreign has been lost in the current times.

In the olden times, a foreign trip was considered a rare treat and the foreign-returned tag a social cachet and a show-off situation that you could boast about.

Today this was more familiar. Foreign is no longer foreign.

A local kirana shop will have all its items from abroad. Your international trips are found to be cheaper than your domestic ones.

The writer now returns to his Tasmanian cherries and ends in a sarcastic tone commenting on its surprisingly high cost for which his wallet has no money to spare. For some things, says the writer, remains tantalizingly foreign for me.


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Words to learn from this article:

Tantalize: excite or tease by presenting or offering something desirable eso. When it is unobtainable.

Cachet: a quality that makes a person worthy of respect; prestige

Vicarious: delegated

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