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Article Title: The weather could be always sunny


Article Summary

This spiritualityrelated article starts with the example of how snowstorms and bad whether are dealt with at different places. It says that when there is a snowstorm in some places, life shuts down. Schools close, and people stay at home because of the snow. Yet, in other places, people living in cold climates adapt, so that even when heavy snow is falling, life goes on as usual. The author draws an analogy with this and relates it to our life. When there are problems, troubles and negativity some people shut down and get defeated by problems while there are others who deal with the problems.

The author believes that we should lead our lives with an attitude of doing what we need to do despite the storms of life that come our way. This attitude can help us in our meditation, in developing positive qualities, and in leading a happy life. Despite the issues outside there could always be sunny weather within us. The inner Light is always there. Through meditation we can discover Light within us.

In conclusion it is stated that whether it is sunny, rainy, snowy, warm, stormy, or freezing, we need to keep doing what we are supposed to do and stay focussed on the sunny weather within and stay focussed on meditating. If we can follow this, our life will be filled with peace and the eternal sunshine within.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Eternal: lasting or existing forever; without end.

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