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Article Title: Those unmatched 40 minutes


Article Summary

This article is a balladry penned by the author describing her moments of bliss which she experienced of late. Recalling her day that started with the early snoozing of the alarm, the author woke up in a huff determined with a resolve to be tough. She carried herself to the gym whilst cursing herself for having purchased that gym membership. As soon as she entered the sprawling health club, her galling mind was enthralled by the ambience of the place and she hit the ground running. With music playing in her ears and feet treading on the mill, the author experienced 40 minutes of pure bliss. As her body was shedding calories, her mind was shedding those trapped negative thoughtless toxins which were lending mental toxicity to her agitated mind. The author was in a state of pure ecstatic joy. She ponders as to how wondrous music is and how strange, a mix of right beat, right rhythm, right voice and right effects turns every wrong of yours into right. She advises everyone to experience this bliss through this rapturous and dreamy world of music.


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Words to learn from this Article:

Absolve: Grant remission of a sin to

Rapturous: Feeling great rapture or delight

Euphoric: Exaggerated feeling of well-being or elation

Wondrous: Extraordinarily good or great; used especially as an intensifier

Enthralling: Capturing interest as if by a spell

Ecstatic: Feeling great rapture or delight

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