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Article Title: What do the voters really want?


Article Summary

This article is an exploration of what various factions of the Indian demography want from an electoral candidate, and how their desires can sway elections. While the objectives of several social classes can be clearly pinpointed, that is not the case for Indian voters, write the authors. The matter of their desiresis further complicated by the practice of spreading false information to mislead them, and with several kinds of short-term appeasement tacticsrightly failing to garner huge impact where a populist country like India was expected to welcome them, making electoral trends unpredictable. The authors say that several different things are the chief interests of the voters, ranging from industrial progression, local welfare and job creation for regions like Mumbai, the extreme south, or West Bengal, to quote a few examples. Also, religion and caste can act as pivot points in other areas, and voters show sharp demarcations in preferences based on their education and income levels. While campaigning marked by a lack of foresight costs development in regions, the authors find, on analysis of voter bio-data, that the future wave of Indian voters are more likely to choose business and industrial development as their deciding preferences in casting a vote.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Incumbent: the current holder of an office or post.

Agrarian: relating to agriculture.

Metropolis: a huge, bustling city, which may also be the capital of a political region.

Angst: intense anger and resentment.

Populist: opinions or measures aimed to win popular sentiment of the under-privileged classes of society.

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