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Article Title: How insurgent brands are redefining India’s consumer growth story


Article Summary

The article at hand explores the current Indian business scenario in the context of incumbent and insurgent consumer brands, tries to find what factors lead to such immense competition between the two, and tries to make a prediction about which side will win. The authors write that it has become increasingly possible for new (‘insurgent’) brands to enter the contest for maximum Indian consumer attention through various new trends in the demography, including the use of social media that lends itself to easy publicity. The other factors include a rising middle class with world class tastes in products, and more money to spend available with both the brands and consumers. While the incumbents will put up a tough fight themselves, both parties will need to do business and promotion in new ways with the changing Indian consumerist landscape. An additional positive side effect may be that more brands in the Indian market fray may create more employment.

Article Link: Click here to read the full article

Words to learn from this Article:

Stellar: exemplary, of very high standards.

Incumbent: one already holding an office or post.

Insurgent: someone fighting established orders.

David and Goliath: Goliath was a huge mythical monster that was defeated by the much smaller human David, in a fable from the Bible.

Advocacy: (here) oral endorsement.

Venture capital: the money put into businesses or projects where there is a high amount of risk of failure involved.

Gig economy: an economy where payments and jobs are based on contractual work periods rather than continued, stable careers.

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