Article Title: Opinion | The online ‘reliance endgame’ and what we risk losing


Article Summary

The article at issue ponders the reliance effect on itself technology helps cultivate among humans. It starts off by saying that the ultimate goal of tech appears to be attracting continuous attention. If humans spent all their time on a particular site it would greatly boost the creator’s business, and therefore creators strive to make sites, apps and other technological apparatus as pleasure-giving and addicting as possible. Although by tech companies’ own admissions, perennially consuming online content on a screen is harmful, Internet services are less regulated than the sale of other addictive harmful substances. However, the most major issue with continuous Internet use, the actual goal of tech, isn’t physical or cognitive control – the author argues it is reliance. Humans are becoming absolutely dependent on web services, and will ultimately be able to perform no task without them. With the rise in AI’s comprehension levels, and our unhealthy dependence, there will come a time when humans have degenerated brain functions from minimal use, mere appendages who won’t be able to function without electronic gadgets anymore.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Dopamine: a chemical found in people’s bodies that is responsible for physical and mental health.

Compulsive: something we do under the influence of an impulse we cannot subdue.

Indispensable: something that cannot be done away with, absolutely essential.

Egress: the act of leaving.

Deleterious: harmful, making something deteriorate.

Titans: very significant people.

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