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Article Title: One million species will disappear — if we let them


Article Summary

The article at hand is a reflection on the grim realities of environmental pollution, but also an assertion of hope. It reports a United Nations biodiversity report, which portends the extinction of several species of wildlife and destruction of life-forms like coral reefs. While those figures are/were very depressing, the article insists that there was another point to the report most folks missed – that with appropriate human action, this reality can be averted. The current pollution levels are where they are mainly due to humans – they overexploit nature in the name of agriculture or industry, leading to all kinds of consequences like natural calamities and even, ironically, a reduction in agricultural output. Several measures can be taken by man to avoid these, though – governments can regulate agricultural spending, shops and customers can reduce meat intake, fishing and hunting marine creatures can be regulated, the corporate sector can be made to take environmental responsibility. The article ends on a note of hope – in the face of such shocking climate predictions, humans are easily tempted into inaction by fear. However, taking action can and will help. In the last paragraph, the article shows how.

Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this article:

Gamut: a whole spectrum or range (of something).

Apocalyptic: involving the end of the world, or huge destruction.

Amphibian: creatures that can live on both land and sea.

Array: assortment, collection.

Intervention: stepping in in the middle of something going on.

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