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Article Title: Delete Yourself As If You Never Existed


Article Summary

The article at hand is an expression of the author’s consolidated opinions on why it is futile for humans to want to leave a mark in history, and why they should consider leaving the Earth unexploited in their wake. He gives examples of several men who have accomplished or endorsed the feat of fading away, including Zen master Bankei and Gautama Buddha. This ability to want to, and indeed fade away, is greater than the ability required to perform decorated feats, and people who do not want to leave a mark do not do so out of self-pity. People are always in a hurry to accomplish, but they often overlook that nothing, no man or achievement, is built to survive forever. Everyone is headed for oblivion, and not acknowledging that only displays deep, errant pride. Hence, we should all work towards removing marks of our existence from the Earth, according to the author.

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Words to learn from this article:

Encumber: burden someone with something.

Bedlam: uproar, furore.

Boisterous: rowdy, noisy and ill-mannered.

Exhortation: an address or proclamation.

Posterity: the future, the people who are born after a certain individual.

Wretched: miserable, very bad, deformed or unlucky.

Condescends: does as an act of pride or superiority.

Paramount: prime, very significant.

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