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Article Title: Have we reached peak English in the world?


Article Summary

This article briefs us about the reign of English language worldwide and how a shift in this scenario can be foreseen with the shift in economic power.

The author starts with how Beyond doubt, the use of English is greater than ever and far more widespread than any other language in the world. All non-English-speaking powers of our globalised world recognise it as the first foreign language to learn, and it is also, uniquely, in practical use worldwide. It is taught from primary level up in all China’s schools, and it is the working language of the whole European Union.

The author further gives us examples to illustrate the widespread use and importance of English. He expresses that although Britain has declined economically, its established position was reflected is increased take-up of English as the language to learn. As the USgrew, the rise of English ( founded by Great Britain) was inevitable. He believes that it is this delayed growth of English, reflecting US influence until now that we are now experiencing.

The author briefly explains us the advantages of English and how Britain earns a fortune out of it. But the downfall is that World English will have just a historical connection to Britain or the US, and knowing it well is no longer exclusive to native speakers. Presumption of entitlement can breed complacency at home, as well as resentment abroad and all too evident in the current “negotiations” on Britain’s divorce from Europe (BREXIT). The author feels that with the shift of power from US and Britain to Asian countries like India and China, the rule of English might be shaken as with power comes changes. Thus their linguistic and cultural influence too will come to be felt, among those who want to do business with them and then with one another. He gives examples of how in earlier times languages like Farsi and Latin were of such importance but have lost their charm. So to conclude the author states that English is at its current peak and is likely to be as good as it will ever get, its glory as a world language lasting just a couple of centuries; not yet comparable with those forerunners Latin or Farsi. And in present form, its fall is likely to coincide with the latest rise of China; whose documented history has run for three millennia.

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Words to Learn from this article:

Notorious: famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed

Decree: an official order that has the force of law

Lagged: showing a delayed effect

Hitherto: until now or until the point in time under discussion

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