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Article Title: How Do Physics and the Multiverse Explain Coincidences?


Article Summary

This article tries to explain coincidences with the help of Physics and the Multiverse. Our daily actions do not seem to be described by an equation like how the tiny entities such as electron and photon can be described by an equation called the wave function. However, many theorists believe the idea of “multiverse” where we are in just one part of the multiverse tree and all other universe are in superposition with each other until we decide which way to go.

To explain coincidence further, the writer illustrates a musician wanting to work with a spiritual organization. His research indicates that each step in the desired direction increases the momentum toward the accomplishment of his musical-spiritual goal and it happens one day when he receives the musical directorship of a different spiritual community that fit just what he was seeking. That musician-physicist is Sky Nelson.

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Words to Learn from this article:

Metaphorically- figuratively

Futile- incapable of producing any useful result; pointless

Discrete- individually separate and distinct

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