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Article Title: The importance of green skills for green jobs


Article Summary

This article is about green skills i.e. those skills which would enable us to achieve and tackle the menace of climate change. The agreement aims long-term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C,since this would significantly reduce risks and the impacts of climate change. In the process of achieving this objective, new jobs will be created and India should be ready to use this to its advantage by imparting the required skill and training.

But, the writer points out that in reality the gap between the existing skills and the green skills required for future endeavours in India is huge. As the number of jobs in the carbon based industries decline, we need to equip the workers with the green skills to match the increase in demand in the sectors which would grow greener. The writer suggests that we need to integrate these skills in formal education and training programs so as to provide a long term solution. The writer has also pointed out the pitfalls of the government regulated skill development and training programs and believes that the private sector needs to play a bigger role.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Flagship: the best or most important product, idea, building, etc. that an organization owns or produces

Imperative: of vital importance; crucial.

Audacious: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks, showing an impudent lack of respect

Vocational: relating to an occupation or employment, (of education or training) directed at a particular occupation and its skills.

Prospective: expected or expecting to be the specified thing in the future

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