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Whitewash job: It’s sometimes good not to tell people the truth


Article Summary

This satirical article deals with the topic of how white lies are instrumental to the society.The author starts with a story as to how two people greet each other and complimented each other on their looks, but in reality, they just looked old as age had taken its toll. He emphasises that the two people concerned aren’t habitual liars, far from it as they were resorting to a common social practice of telling what are called white lies. A non-white lie is invariably detrimental to the interests of the person it is being told to, but a white lie is incremental to the interests of the person it is being told to, in that it is meant to increase the self-esteem and feel-good factor of the person being addressed. The author further gives an example as to how always telling the truth and nothing but the truth can often prove a hurtful exercise and can cost us relationships. To conclude, the author expresses that white lies are the essential glue holding together the building blocks of society.


Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this Article:

Detrimental: tending to cause harm

Unvarnished: plain and straightforward

Unpalatable: difficult to put up with or accept

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