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Article Title: Our golden age of TV: amid collapse, a new family emerges


Article Summary

The author writes about the television series and the things associated with the same. It has been noted that the changes and the unsettling nature of the society has been expressed through various form of arts-novels followed by movies. The movies have brought order into the lives. When it comes to television series, it brings the same order but it takes more time than that of a movie.

The TV series confront the state of affairs artistically and politically. The theme of these TV series basically deals with what one does for his or her family. Another theme would be based on the results of atomisation leading to creation of ‘masses’ leading to loneliness. The fact that makes TV series relevant is the story chain associated with contemporary politics which features collapse of authority. It also features the breakdown of a system from within leading to ultimate collapse undermining the capacity of agents to feel at home. Various TV series favour the loss of authority. When it comes to these series the traditional family values are not expressed but the changes are more of a response to the atomic nature. Even though families express authoritative nature, these are not touched by the TV series. Ultimately, a TV series become successful if it expresses novelty of a political picture in establishing something worldly and new. It brings focus on the elements of world by spreading the views to other elements too. The new television programs also features that it does not require a training or deep learning to bear its fruits.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Extols – glorify

Bludgeons – force

Concomitant – accompanying

Normative – standard

Egalitarian – equal

Discordant – at variant


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