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Article Title: Haven’t we met before? On doppelgängers and perception


Article Summary

This article is about the effect of having people with same look and the idea behind it. The author believes that the factor of discrimination is largely dependant on the person causing the discrimination and the person whom the observation is carried out upon. There are two categories of observers being highlighted here- people with prosopagnosia and people who are super recognisers. The former cannot determine their very closest kith and kin while the latter can spot out the differences between one person from his/her doppelgänger.

According to the concept of face space, a person’s face is depicted in a three dimensional area, with points and multitudes differing from individual to individual. The author concludes that ideally, a doppelgänger does not exist. It depends upon a person’s capacity to recognise the minute details of a person’s face.

Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this Article:

Doppelgänger: a look alike to a person

Multitude: a large number

Exfoliate: cause to shed in layer

Warp: bend

Predilection: a preference or special liking

Abound: exist in large number


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