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Article Title: The danger of absolute thinking is absolutely clear


Article Summary

The article deals with the danger of absolute thinking and its impacts. There are generally two forms of absolute thinking-Dichotomous thinking and Categorical imperatives. The former one is binary and the latter one is varying. The study says that absolute thinking is not productive and is unhealthy. Yet a large population mounting up to a good figure practices it because it lets you shy away from the actual reality.

Absolutionists try to avoid nuances and changes, making them pay the price. An increasingly large number of people expressing suicidal tendencies and   depression stages are addicted to this. They tend to use personal pronouns more often expressing their weak mental stability. This indicates a chance of depressive episodes to these people. Throwing away the arguments, it has been noticed that the unfortunate people are not very stressed. It is actually the view of things and not the things which causes depression.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Heuristic- a method sufficient to take care of an immediate situation.

Cognitive – Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses

Nuance – a slight difference in shade of meaning expression or sound

Intuitive – based on instinct

Schizophrenia – a disability that affects a person’s ability to think


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