Article Title: Why Amartya Sen remains the century’s great critic of capitalism


Article Summary

The entire article supports the author’s reasoning of why Amartya Sen remains the century’s greatest critic of capitalism. He first talks about the two varieties of critiques of Capitalism. The writer says how in Amartya Sen’s work, the two critiques of capitalism – moral and spiritual and material critiques – co-operate. He goes on to say how Sen realized that at earlier moments in modern political economy the separation of our moral lives with our material concerns has been inconceivable. He lauds Amartya Sen saying that he made it clear that there should be only one critique of Capitalism rather than two.


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Words to Learn from this article:

 Utilitarianism: philosophy: a belief that a morally good action is one that helps the greatest number of people

Ubiquitous: familiar

Egregious: striking; blatant


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