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Article Title: ‘Boost knowledge, not memory’


Article Summary

This article is about the discomfort of air passengers. For most of the people the experience is nightmarish and everyone has their own way to handle this. The writer describes the reclining of a seat as a major event during travel. According to the author: any possible improvement in comfort you get comes at the expense of the person whose space you are stealing. And since planes have some seats that can’t recline– those against the bulkhead, or in front of the exit row – there will always be losers who can’t even recline their own seats to restore the equilibrium.

The article also comments on the fundamental human behaviour which makes us all act selfishly just because we can and it also describes the capitalist, profit-seeking outlook of the airlines.

Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this Article:

Recline: lean or lie back in a relaxed position with the back supported.
Sod: an unpleasant or obnoxious person.
Retribution: punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.


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