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Movies are a great stress-buster, they are inspirational, they are riveting and at times, they are plain and simple stupid. All along, they are a great source of entertainment and occupy our mind-space for sure. Well, I decided to use this mind-space a little more and use movies to help us learn words. How do we do that? We pick up film titles, songs, witty dialogues, anything under the sun that can help us learn words. Let us dig into three such words/movie titles here:

Word-1: Senile

Who can forget Bollywood’s “Angry Young Man”, our very own Amithab Bachchan in a whole new avatar, trying to emphasize that he is still young at the age of 69. Which leads us to the word SENILE, which means old. Senile hoga tera baap.


Word-2: Hooligan

Paying homage to movies like Sholay, Kaala Pathar, Karan-Arjun, movies which had the foundations on brother-hood; Gunday which in English stands for HOOLIGAN. Though in Bollywood, actors who take up the role of a Hooligan is portrayed positively, but in reality, a Gunda is a Gunda and a Hooligan is a Hooligan.


Word-3: Nepotism

Nepotism, a noun which means bias, is when one shows favoritisms to a person who is closely related, be it for the right or wrong reasons. The movie Chacha – Bhatija depicts the word NEPOTISM which means Chacha – Bhatija waad in Hindi.  (I know nobody would have seen the movie but we care for words, not for the story)


Word-4: Puerile

The song, Nadaan Parindey (Movie: Rockstar) hit the blockbuster so hard that this song was in everyone’s mind on repeat. The word PUERILE which means immature, can be by-hearted through this song: Oh Puerile Parindey (PP), ghar aaja.


Word-5: Scallywag

A rascal is a person who behaves childlike, who is amusingly mischievous but not in a harmful way.  SCALLYWAGS (RASCALS), the movie starring Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn who steal money from the same person to repay the debts on their head.

Word-6: Abash

The feeling of embarrassment due to shame. The movie Lajja depicts how women are abashed in India. Abash is to destroy the self-confidence or poise of a human being.

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