Funny Bone: Words through movies-2

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Movies are a great stress-buster, they are inspirational, they are riveting and at times, they are plain and simple stupid. All along, they are a great source of entertainment and occupy our mind-space for sure. Well, I decided to use this mind-space a little more and use movies to help us learn words. How do we do that? We pick up film titles, songs, witty dialogues, anything under the sun that can help us learn words. Let us dig into three such words/movie titles here:

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag = SCOOT Milkha SCOOT

This is probably one of the most loved and watched movies of the year. And it is pretty inspirational too. Lets extend that inspiration to words and covert the title into something useful for our own selves: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is SCOOT Milkha SCOOT from our perspective. Scoot, as you can see, means to ‘Run or move very quickly or hastily’.

Ghanchakkar = Baffled

Have you watched the movie Ghanchakkar? Well, it is one movie that BAFFLES for sure and one movie that has a BAFFLED character. What do we call this BAFFLED SOUL in hindi: GHACHAKKAR!

My wife’s murder = UXORICIDE

This is one movie that we take out from the archives. This is an old Anil Kapoor in which he murder’s his own wife, in other words, he commits ‘Uxoricide’. The literal meaning of the word is ‘The murder of a wife by her husband’, isn’t the replacement perfect in this case?

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