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Definition & Meaning: Fus Root Word

Derived from a Latin word, Fus means to pour. There are multiple words based on this root word Fus. For example, confusion means a person being flooded with too much information that is hard to make sense of; fuse means to melt by heating; and to infuse is to put into.

Words Based on the Fus Root Word

Following is the list of words based on the Fus root word:

1. Fuse: “Pour” into one
2. Fusion: The act of “pouring” together
3. Suffuse: “Pour” out from below, or “pour” out
4. Infuse: To “pour” in
5. Infusion: Act of “pouring” in
6. Defuse: “Pour” from
7. Refuse: To “pour” back
8. Refusal: A “pouring” back
9. Confuse: To thoroughly “pour” too much
10. Confused: Having been “thoroughly” poured so that there is too much information
11. Effusive: “Pour” out
12. Efuse: “Pour” off or from
13. Profuse: “Pour” forth
14. Diffuse: “Poured” apart throughout something
15. Transfuse: When something is transfused to another thing it is given, put, or imparted to it
16. Profusion: Profusion of something is a very large quantity or variety of it.

Hope you’ve learned many words today related to the root word fus. This might not be an exhaustive list of words based on word root fus, but learning new set of words is itself an achievement! Good luck.

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