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Definition & Meaning: Fus Word Root

The root word Fus, derived from Latin, means “to pour.” This root is the foundation of various words that convey the idea of pouring or flowing. For instance, confusion describes a state where too much information is “poured” in, making it difficult to think clearly; fuse means to melt by heating, as if pouring substances together; and infuse means to introduce something into another substance, like pouring one liquid into another.Diagram of the Fus root word showing examples and meanings

Words Based on the Fus Word Root

Commonly Used Words Based on This Word Root

  • Fuse: “Pour” into one
  • Fusion: The act of “pouring” together
  • Infuse: To “pour” in
  • Infusion: Act of “pouring” in
  • Refuse: To “pour” back
  • Refusal: A “pouring” back
  • Confuse: To thoroughly “pour” too much
  • Confused: Having been “thoroughly” poured so that there is too much information

Archaic Words Based on This Word Root

  • Effusive: “Pour” out
  • Profuse: “Pour” forth

Technical Words/Jargon Based on This Word Root

  • Suffuse: “Pour” out from below, or “pour” out
  • Defuse: “Pour” from
  • Diffuse: “Poured” apart throughout something
  • Transfuse: To “pour” from one to another
  • Profusion: A very large quantity or variety, “poured” forth abundantly

Related Word Roots

Exploring related word roots provides a deeper understanding of language connections:

  • Hydro- (Greek: “water”): Relating to water. Examples:
    • Hydrate: To cause to absorb water.
    • Hydraulic: Operated by the pressure of water.
    • Hydroplane: A light, fast boat designed to skim over the surface of water.
  • Liqui- (Latin: “flow”): Relating to flowing substances. Examples:
    • Liquid: A substance that flows freely but is of constant volume.
    • Liquefy: To make or become liquid.
    • Liqueur: A strong, sweet alcoholic liquor.
  • Flu- (Latin: “flow”): Denoting flow. Examples:
    • Fluid: A substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure.
    • Fluent: Able to flow smoothly; able to speak or write smoothly.
    • Influx: An arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things; a flowing in.

We hope this exploration of the root word Fus has enhanced your understanding and vocabulary. This might not be an exhaustive list, but learning new words is always an achievement. Good luck!

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