Picture for FutilityThe word futility refers to the quality of uselessness or the quality of having no practical or useful result. It can also be thought of as being futile. It is a noun.
It originated around 1620 and was derived from the Latin word futtilis.

Pronunciation: fyoo-til-i-tee

Meanings of Futility

1. Lack of importance or purpose
2. The state of being futile
3. Uselessness as a consequence of having no practical result

Master’s Tip to Learn Futility

The word futility can be recalled as ‘false utility’ which would mean having no utility or being useless, which is the actual meaning of this word.

Sentence examples for Futility:

1. Being caught so quickly in a lie demonstrates the futility of playing games with the interrogator and strengthens his hand.
2. All his attempts at reviving the fortunes of his company were an exercise in futility.
3. Attempting to mitigate human-caused climate change is an expensiveexercise in futility.

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